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Our Services

Our QCA/QVA Core Lab offers support by providing an unbiased interpretation of the results of pharmaceutical or mechanical intervention in coronary artery disease. Using a state of the art software platform our experienced analysts are working in close cooperation with the interven-tional specialists of the University Heart Center Freiburg-Bad Krozingen which is one of the largest and most experienced facilities for interventional cardiology in Europe.

  • 100% medical review by experienced specialists for interventional vascular medicine
  • Quantitative vascular Angiography (QVA) including minimum lumen diameter, maximum percent diameter of stenosis, normal vessel diameter (reference vessel) of peripheral arteries
  • Occlusion length and lesion length determination
  • Measurement of alternative QVA-endpoints like TVAL (transverse-view vessel area loss), ARB (angiographic restenotic burden)
  • Detailed lesion description
  • Occlusion length and lesion length determination
  • Quantification of calcification (e.g. PACCS-score, Compliance 360°-score)
  • Consideration of anatomic variants
  • Detailed description of treated segment with regard to device
  • Description of complications
  • Analysis of inflow and outflow tract
  • Post-interventional analysis of stent fractures/damages
  • All parameters will be additionally evaluated with regard to the inclusion/exclusion criteria

Quantitative analysis of duplex ultrasound assessments, both films and images (VHS, CD/DVD):

  • Review of the entire examination with respect to plausibility of the results
  • Calculation of grade of stenosis according to the ratio between the maximum flow measure-ments within lesion and within the reference vessel location (Peak Velocity Ratio, (PVR))
  • Target lesion evaluation: PSV proximal/mid/distal, PSV of overlap region of stents
  • Qualitative analysis of inflow and outflow tract
  • Assessment of the radial strength of the study stent(s), estimation of the degree of the grade of stent compression in case of any extrinsic compression or deformation. Analysis of stent fractures
  • Analysis of stent fractures

The coreLab Black Forest is providing independent high quality echocardiographic analysis services for clinical trials. Our Echo services are done in close collabo-ration with the Echo department of the University Heart Center Freiburg-Bad Krozingen which is one of the largest and most experienced Echo facilities in Europe.

We offer short, direct, straightforward communication to the customer and the sites. Individual handling of the data with respect to adherence to the requirements of DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 is brought into focus to maximize the quantity of valid results even under suboptimal conditions to avoid as much as possible non-diagnostic cases. Prompt processing and delivery of results as a matter of course. Protocol-specific development of result panels according to the individual needs of the customer. We are adjusting the quality of services to the requirements of our customers on an ongoing basis.